Responsive Web

Consider Mobile First!

We are now in the multi-screening decade. Having a website that only aligns with PC screening is definitely not enough to fulfill the user experience of different devices. Developing your website with responsive design is an inevitable trend and solution that fits your website into different screen sizes among multiple devices.


Benefits of Responsive Web Design


Positive user experience, better sales in result

A well-designed responsive web can impress users with consistent navigation among different devices, which build positive user experience and ultimately achieve higher rate of conversion.


Better SEO result

 Having one URL and quality content, the website will receive higher search ranking comparing with those non-responsive websites.


 Lower bounce rate of visit and longer visit duration

You can ensure your content can be viewed and standardized to every user with different devices. This can keep user spending longer time on your website and lower the bounce rate.


Save time and cost management

 Adapting responsive web design means you only need to build and manage single website. It certainly saves the time and cost of building additional website for mobile view.



Top activity of using tablet and mobile is Internal Browsing!

(Report of NPD)

  • 76%

76% of Smartphone users in Hong Kong access the web daily

(Reference from Google’s Our Mobile Planet)

  • 37%

37% of PC Users switched their activities to smartphones & tablets

(Report of NPD)