PwC CaTSH Partner Conference 2015


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Every year, PricewaterhouseCoopers Hong Kong would organize an annual CaTSH Partner Conference in order to gather all the partners in different countries together to have a conference, discussion, dinner and gathering. The total guest this year has been reaching around 900 people.


In the past year, they have arranged 2 photobooth for taking the photos, but as there are too many people, the queue would be really long. And as the photobooth is an machinery which would not be able to provide the best quality and flexibility for the photos, this year we have proposed another mechanism to solve the problems they faced last year.


  1. Arrange professional photographers to take the photos instead of Photobooth
    In order to provide better quality of photos, and also more flexibility to take photos for a single, a small group or even a large group with over 20 people, photographers can help on this with their professional cameras and also the lighting equipments
  2. Using NFC tag as the identifier
    As they would have the full list of guest on hand before the event, we can prepare the NFC tag before the event with the guest nametag together. So guest just need to tag the nametag before taking photos for us to connecting them with those photos and together with emailing them the photos automatically.
  3. Setup the Photo Kiosk for Guest to choose and print/email the photos
    Setting up multiple photo kiosk in the venue to serve guests to tag their nametag to automatically retrieve what photos they have taken, and choose to print or email back to them. This can highly streamline the photo queue and also give the guest with an innovative way to get their photos by just tagging their nametag.

Result for the 1.5 Days Event

~850 photos taken
~1700 photos printed


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