Ocean Park Halloween H14


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Here is the scariest haunted house in 14 years of Ocean Park’s Halloween Fest! Set to evoke your innermost phobia, H14 allows only the bravest to venture inside! To promote and create curiosity towards public, admission of this ultimate haunted attraction is restricted with online registration in advance. We are appointed to develop a reservation system for public to do online registration.


In order to create the noise and the desire of the reservation code, the codes are limited supply and only available in a specific timeslot. As a result, the traffic to the campaign would be huge in the short period of time.

To ensure smooth registration with sudden boosted traffic, we hosted the campaign in Amazon Cloud which allows us to flexibly obtain and configure the capacity.

Campaign logistic:

– Release limited registration codes in a specific timeslot

– Users have to grab those limited codes which is in first-come-first-served basic

– Users who successfully grab the codes can make registration with the Ocean Park online ticketing system


– Over 6,500 con-current visits to our campaign site to rush for the code!

– The 1,420 codes are grabbed out within 10 minutes!

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