Ocean Park Blue Matter Website


Creative Development Responsive Web


Blue Matters is a marine conservation movement led by Ocean Park Hong Kong, aiming to inform, inspire, engage and cultivate advocacy for marine debris prevention, sustainable choices, biodiversity, and overall marine environmental protection.

Creative Concept

Blue is referring all things pertaining or related to the oceans. Ocean covers 71% of the earth’s surface and contains 97% of the planet’s water. Everyone is connected to the ocean.

As the “going green” concept is now a household catchphrase amongst the international community, we’d like to call attention to BLUE, because blue really does matter!



Blue is used as the main color of the website to match with the ocean theme. Different shades of blue are applied in order to avoid the dreariness and keep the harmony of the website. Different secondary colors are used in different section for clear categorization.

User-friendly Mobile Site

Because of the popularity of smartphones and tablets, mobile user’s experience become significant in the website development. Responsive web design is applied in this website to provide the best user experience for both desktop, smartphone and tablet users.

Social Exposure

Facebook and Weibo sharing functions are added to allow more interaction between the website and target audiences. The BLUE message can be widely spread when visitors share this website via Facebook and Weibo.


Recent works