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New World Development Company Limited is based in Hong Kong focusing on property, infrastructure and services, department stores and hotels. A brand new property will be soon launched in Hong Kong and it has a special element – Sculpture Park.

In this property, New World Development emphasizes on “At New World, we are all Artisans!”, that means, everyone can show his/her own creativity and imagination through creating things. Their spirit is “A premium brand infused with unique personality. This personality is best defined by The Artisanal Movement”

Before announcing a brand new property to Hong Kong audience, New World Development would like to create a pre-heat campaign to make a strong association with their new property.


Regarding to client’s requirement, a noise of this campaign should be created and then it will induce a high engagement rate. Therefore, an interesting hook is needed for arousing public attentions and curiosity.

Another challenge is combining sculpture park elements, social media and the theme of their new property project together to create a fun and interesting online campaign or contest. This campaign is not only targeting to art people, it is also targeting to mass public, which may not have passion on some abstract concept of sculpture art.


1. Immersing artisans theme of the new property to the online campaign

Artisans have their own points of view about this property. Their design concepts have been adapted to this online campaign by “redefining the nature”. Participants can redesign items from nature by creating them via this campaign site. A tree can be looked like as other items, therefore, a tree is not only a “tree” anymore.

2. Creating public interest by arousing their curiosity  

Through participants’ creativity, a new “nature” appearance can be redefined in this campaign site. A Facebook message will be published to participants’ Facebook wall after joining this campaign, the message is a question to arouse friends’ attention.

3. Increasing overall engagement and social pressure by public voting

Besides Facebook post, it is encouraged participants’ friends to join this campaign by voting the art pieces. The top 3 participants with the most number of ‘Like’ on this campaign will be awarded. A pull effect has been created by enjoying Facebook social network advantages.

4. Extending the campaign exposure by thematic banner promotion

In order to extend the campaign exposure beyond Facebook, various thematic banners are launched in both desktop and mobile platforms.


– Around 200 participants & 250 art pieces submission within 1st 2 weeks

– Around 2800 total votes and 600 sharing of art pieces in Facebook


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