MTR South Island Line (East) Website Revamp


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South Island Line (East) (SIL(E)) is a medium-capacity railway being constructed to connect the current MTR network from Admiralty Station to the Southern District of Hong Kong.
The SIL(E) project website is revamped to enable easier navigation and better communication with the public.



One of the challenges of website designing prospect is showing several thousand construction notices, videos, consultation documents and publications throughout these years to public in a tidy and clear manner.



  1. Visual Driven website

    The design of the new website is clean and concise with easy-to-use navigation. Full page slide show is used in home page to present five stations’ design instead of lengthy content to attract audience attention. Infographic has been applied to facilitate reading too.

  2. Responsive Development

    To make it more convenient to be browsed by the public, the new website is developed with a responsive design which improves the overall usability and functions with multiple devices.

  3. User-friendly Function

    A user browsing experience is highly concerned, knowing that audiences usually spend so much time to find what they need. With a button which is pinned at bottom right corner, the audiences can go back to the pages which they have visited last time easily. This function definitely helps them automatically bookmark their footprints.



Project Management: Queenie Tong, Ryan Cheok/
Creative: Kit Li, Veronica Lui/
Developer: Thomas Hui, Alice Liu/
Technical Support: Harvey Tang, Endo Yeung/


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