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Maxus is a commercial vehicle owned by SAIC Motor Commercial Vehicle Co. Ltd. This brand is relatively new and it is first seen in 2004 when Britain’s LDV Group unveiled a range of light goods vehicles in the UK and other countries.

In 2010, SAIC acquired LDV’s intellectual property and was known as Maxus in March 2011.

Maxus entered the Hong Kong market in 2016 and it is selling by the local car dealership, Inchcape Motors, one of the biggest and most profitable vehicle distributors in the market. Toyota, Lexus, Hino, Jaguar, and Land Rover are also on Inchcape’s distribution list.

We are fortunate to be appointed as the corporate website developer for this newly launched vehicle brand to be introduced in Hong Kong.



Maxus is a brand new vehicle brand in Hong Kong and we are facing a challenge to penetrate its name into the saturated market digitally. Also, one of our objective is to uplift the brand recognition and awareness in Hong Kong.



  1. Incredible marketing idea and visual

    In order to differentiate Maxus from traditional vehicle brands and to effectively position Maxus to its targeted customer, the key visual is in a form of collage in which it brings out the modish and vibrant impression to the target audience. Also, the tagline, “Take All the Cubes” aims to highlight the customizability of Maxus V80.

  2. Website structure

    In order to enhance the readability and overall browsing experience, clean and stylish content presentation is applied so that users can easily find the information they needed. Also, we have used the graphic-oriented approach instead of lengthy paragraphs to encourage visitors’ attention.

  3. Call to action

    We have deliberately used numerous “Call-to-Action” elements across the page. We encourage visitors to the designed journey for a more engaging experience and are able to analyze their footsteps for further sales opportunities.

  4. Responsive Development

    The new website is developed in a form of responsive web design in which it improves the overall usability and functionality in different devices. This enhances the browsing experience in different browsers and operating systems.



Project Management: Radek Lo/
Creative: Jason Wong, Khan Chung/
Developer: David Mak/
Programmer: Dick Li/
Technical Support: Harvey Tang/


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