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Lexus 2016 All New RX Website


Lexus RX is a mid-size luxury crossover SUV debuted in 1998. After over around 20 years, the fourth-generation Lexus ALL NEW RX is reinventing amazing with untamed new styling finally.


As mentioned, Lexus RX has around 20 years’ history which means that people will be used to its previous impression and style. So the main objective is how to rebuild the new image to the target audience. In order to enhance the new compelling design of the model, a new style website with various visual effects is developed to enhance the key message – Lexus RX is entering to a new generation.

Meanwhile, Lexus is also facing a challenge of how to drive the target audience to register for a test drive and arouse the awareness of the new RX. In the newly launched website, target audience could explore the features of 2016 RX and register for the launch party and test drive.


1. Highlight the features of new RX

To present the main idea “All New”, the website presents 4 attractions of 2016 New RX, target audience could explore RX features in “Highlight” section which does not only include the chiseled exterior, elegant interior and exceptional performance, but also the advanced safety technologies.

2. Enhance the user experience

In design aspect, the website adopted various visual effects in different sections to refine the appearance of the new generation and future style in order to have the biggest visual impact to the target audience and easily browse between page sections to explore the features of 2016 New RX.

3. Create O2O social behavior

Meanwhile, a party registration form was built into the website as well in order to let the target audience register to join the launch party, an online to offline mechanism has been created.

4. Responsive webpage design

With the increasing needs of mobile browsing, a separate mobile site is ready for mobile users to enjoy their browsing journey.

In order to extend the campaign exposure beyond Facebook, various thematic banners are launched in both desktop and mobile platforms.


–          Over 234K page views within one month.

–          Over 500 participants register for the launch party within one week

Let’s experience the NEW RX!