LANCÔME Xmas 2015 Campaign


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As the Holiday Season is getting closer, Lancôme would like to take a prior step to bring the happiness to its target audience in Hong Kong.

To spread the message of “HAPPINESS is a gift” in the holidays of 2015, Lancôme has prepared a large range of Christmas gifts including limited edition makeup collection, the signature blockbuster and other Christmas coffret offers.

To stand out from traditional Christmas celebration, more French element would be added to this season. Information like Christmas celebration in a French style and spreading the happiness through French gifting is also another focus for this campaign.


Since there are many offer sets, audience could find it difficult to select the desirable ones from. Next, there is a concern about how to drive the audience to the store to do the shopping after selecting.

The campaign is launched in late October, which is 2 months earlier than the Christmas day. Another challenge is to keep up the festival mood over the period.


1. Facilitate the offer set selection and purchasing process

A filtering function is added to the offer page to help the searching process. Users could sort out the sets based on the needs or price by choosing corresponding filtering. An “add to wish list” function is also available for creating a customized wish list. Without extra effort, users could save the list on their portable device or print out a version to do their shopping with.

2. Keep users updated with Christmas news with real-time event calendar 

A slider is provided on the Homepage for users to preview the latest 3 Christmas news. They could click on the slider and see a real-time calendar which would uncover the event on that day.

3. Spread the campaign theme further with social media communication

A series of offer set feeds and French gifting feeds are planned for creating more French style Christmas atmosphere, provide more information on the highlighted offer sets and drive traffic to the campaign site.


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