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What a GREAT WOMEN’S DAY CELEBRATION with Lancôme on 8 March 2015 !!! Lancôme would like to show their highest respect and happiness to all Hong Kong ladies, they celebrated an international Women’s Day with them from 2 to 8 March 2015.

Capturing women’s “Unique beautiful moment” was a core theme of Lancôme Women’s Day, while photo taking would be a perfect match with this theme. Lancôme established a photo exhibition of 3 endorsers in Art Gallery, LemonXL had provided a well-designed O2O photo booth that capturing every unforgettable moment of participants with happiness. Participants could receive printed images and they could also keep soft copies after scanning given QR codes.

Moreover, LemonXL had also arranged a promotion truck event to Lancôme that went around all locations in Hong Kong to share beautiful moments from 6 to 8 March. Another well-designed O2O photo booth was also ready at this truck and would not miss any happy moment with those participants.

Furthermore, LemonXL not only provided offline tactic, but also provided online tactic as well. By offering incentives, it encouraged participants to upload their “Unique beautiful moment” images to Instagram / Facebook and used a hashtag (#myuniquebeauty) to join a hashtag campaign. All those images from booths and hashtag campaign were published to Lancôme Women’s Day campaign site. This is a brilliant O2O solution by LemonXL!

Through our all-round solution, it brings a brand new experience to all ladies in Hong Kong! Let’s see our effective approaches and remarkable achievements below.


– Featuring well-designed O2O photo booths for a “The Unique Moment” photo exhibition at Art Gallery and a “Capture Your Unique Beauty” Event Truck goes around Hong Kong

– Creating a buzz via encouraging public to join a hashtag campaign in Instagram and Facebook

– Presenting various photos taken from the booths and hashtag campaign to Lancôme Women’s Day campaign website

– Displaying various unique beautiful characters of Lancôme endorsers in campaign site

– Showing prominent “Call to Action” in every pages for facilitating quick actions

– Using SMS and mobile pages for notifying redemption of participants

– Communicating audience with social media directly

– Initializing an online customers database for further marketing usage

– Facilitating to online registration via mobile access

Key Achievements

– 20,000+ unique visitors visited the campaign site with 7,300+ registrations in only 2 weeks

– Reach 580+ people for taking photos by using the booth inside a truck just in 3 days

– Perform 1100+ photo taking via the booth at Art Gallery

– Achieve 200+ hashtag image participation


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