Lancôme - Serum Campaign

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2015 just come! Lancôme has launched a brand new campaign to celebrate with target audience. Ladies shall enjoy 2015 with “Happiness from The Beauty You Feel” . Lancôme positions a new direction of Happiness that comes from the Beauty that ladies’ feel; including Glow, Confident and Flawless. Through simple and attractive HTML animation, target audience can know more about the benefits of Lancôme serums. This animation also projects a “change” and “refreshing” image which enhancing Lancôme products’ benefits and impression.  


- Featuring animations to arouse audience interest to interact with key selling points at home page

- Presenting benefits of Lancôme serums with visual impacts and emotional description

- Showing prominent “Call to Action” in every pages for facilitating quick actions

- Using SMS and mobile pages for notifying redemption of participants

- Communicating audience with social media directly

- Initializing an online customers database for further marketing usage

- Facilitating to online registration via mobile access

Key Achievements

- 4000+ registrations in 1st week 

- 25K+ page views in 1st week  

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