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Women living a hustle and bustle life in a cosmopolitan city like Hong Kong may always have a question – how to get ready for important moment in an instant? Lancôme HK invited Charlene Choi, a good example of modern young women, to reveal her secret to capture every moment of her life with energy, joy and beauty – Blanc Expert Cushion Compact.

Different from previous campaigns, this “Capture the Moment” campaign takes a more lively and energetic approach to attract the target audience. It relies mainly on digital platform so the campaign site acts as an important communication hub. One of the focus of this campaign is the limited Cushion Compact case designed by Charlene while some highlight has added.

Creative Concept

The campaign site uses a parallax scrolling approach, giving a story-telling timeline for users to start a journey of moments in a day with Charlene. On the homepage, by scrolling, users can view the details page by page like flipping a storybook.

Coloring book has become a trend for relieving stress recently. A coloring game is added to the campaign site for target audience to design their own CC Cushion limited case. The game not only can catch TA’s attention by the hot trend, but also get them to be familiar with the limited case design detail.

Go to our website:, find your way to capture the moment!


– Designing a story-telling timeline that shows 3 moments of Charlene’s day, with a beauty tip and a call-for-action button on each section to keep audience to read more

– Providing a game page for users to color a pattern with color palette, zoom, undo and redo functions

– Providing a gallery, with searching function, for seeing all submission

– Facilitating both desktop and mobile access

– Increasing the fans engagement by series of Facebook feeds in different angles and format to keep giving target audience something new

– Communicating audience with social media directly

Key Achievements

– 800+ case design submissions in only 5 days


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