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Lancôme newly launched a total whitening solution to their target audience. This solution includes Blanc Expert essence-in-lotion, UV Expert and Blanc Expert Cushion Compact. This solution covers moisturizer with whitening effect, sun-block and make up. Blanc Expert Cushion Compact is the 1st cushion compact launched among Europe beauty brand. With this unique selling proposition, Lancôme would like to invite their target audience to try these brand new products to experience a total whitening solution.

LemonXL provides an all-around O2O service to Lancôme. Our service includes: desktop and mobile website development, social media maintenance which boosting the traffic between Facebook and campaign site.

Moreover, LemonXL had also arranged a promotion truck event to Lancôme that went around all locations in Hong Kong to reach target audience from 27-29 March and 10-12 April. Our professional photographer was ready for taking photos of participants who had tried the brand new Blanc Expert products inside this truck. They could see an instant whitening result from printed photos. Participants could download their photos by scanning QR codes which were printed within a well-designed photo frame.

Furthermore, LemonXL provided an online tactic by offering incentives, it encouraged participants to upload their photo to Instagram / Facebook and used a hashtag (#discoveryourlight) to join a hashtag campaign.

Through our all-round solution, target audience had an extraordinary impression of whitening services which had integrated O2O technology. Let’s see our effective approaches and remarkable achievements below.


– Printing out photos with a well-designed photo frame to show instant result of make up

– Creating a buzz via encouraging public to join a hashtag campaign in Instagram and Facebook

– Displaying various unique beautiful characters of Lancôme endorsers in campaign site

– Showing prominent “Call to Action” in every pages for facilitating quick actions

– Using SMS and mobile pages for notifying redemption of participants

– Communicating audience with social media directly

– Initializing an online customers database for further marketing usage

– Facilitating to online registration via mobile access

Key Achievements

– Reach 850+ people for taking photos inside a truck just in 6 days

– Hit total 8200+ registrations with only 4 weeks

– Achieve 200+ hashtag image participation


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