K11 Wawadoll Xmas Campaign


Campaign Creative Development Installation O2O


K11 is an art mall integrating the elements of art, people, and nature. For the Christmas 2014, K11 invited Chen Tianzhuo, who has been hailed as “one the most promising young artists in China”, to hold an exhibition and introduce his latest work-WAWADOLL to public. LemonXL helped K11 to develop a series of items, included photo booth, lucky draw, videos and eCard, to offer a totally different experience for consumers in Christmas holiday.


Chen Tianzhuo’s work – WAWADOLL is an experiment of turning mainstream media culture into an edgier character. Leveraging on WAWADOLL’s characteristics, the design of the campaign filled with fancy, or even absurd elements from outer space, and colorful elements.

Photo booth
WAWADOLL is the first data reflection character discovered by the astronaut, to join her, users can use the frames to decorate themselves before snapped in photo and transmitted into the universe.

The use of the astronaut and other “outer space” elements in the video is drawn from the fact that WAWADOLL actually comes to the earth from space. In the video, the astronaut is dropping from space to the earth gives the message that WAWADOLL is arriving soon.

Lucky draw
WAWADOLL is a reflection of data, her signal is beamed off of the earth and reflects off of the moon then bounces back to earth. Users need to say “WA” to send out their signal to WAWADOLL. When WAWADOLL received the signal, she will send out a gift in return.

By sending the eCard, WAWADOLL would help users to send out Christmas greeting data to their friends.


User can use their mobile phone to scan the QR code on the booth and connect their Facebook to control the photo taking process. After taking the photo, a preview image will be shown on the booth and users’ mobile. The photo will be printed out and users can also share their photo to their Facebook, Sina Weibo, QQ Weibo and to their friends through What’s app and Line.

Lucky draw
To make the lucky draw to be more fun and has more connection with the WAWADOLL, face detection is implemented to the draw. Users need to face the camera and say “WA”, then the program will detect the movement of users’ mouth and calculate the ratio of the width and thickness of the mouth. If users open up their mouth and say “WA”, the draw will be triggered.

Key Achievements

– 1,700+ users snapped in the photo booth

– 5,000+ gifts were given out in the lucky draw


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