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K11 Hong Kong is the world’s first art mall. It is the world’s first original brand to pioneer the seamless blending of three core values of Art • People • Nature. Deeply rooted in urban multicultural lifestyle, the K11 brand brings unprecedented and unique five-sense experience to the public through the unique integration of multidimensional art involvement and exchange, retransformation and revitalization of local culture and green architectural design all within the K11 Multicultural District.

For the Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year of 2015, K11 invited art unit Stickyline, who is skilled in making 2D papers into 3D art pieces, to create a series of paper floral arts, aimed at making an art of romance at K11. And LemonXL helped in building the online garden and sending out users’ love to their beloved ones.


We used to keep our words in heart that we always want to tell our beloved ones, yet sometimes it’s difficult to say it out, even though it is meaningful and true. To show your words and express your love to your beloved one, writing is always an easier way. In this campaign, users can hide their love message into a rose and invite their beloved to unveil it and get an exclusive handmade artistic paper rose at K11.


Users enter The Sweet Garden of Love campaign site to create the love rose and hide their love message into the rose. Their beloved will then receive the unique flower code by email and they can get an exclusive handmade artistic paper rose at K11 by showing the flower code. A unique QR code will be printed on the leave of the rose. Users can scan the QR code to read the love message from their beloved and also browse other love rose through the campaign site.

Key Achievements

– 8,000+ visitors visited the campaign site

– 1,700+ love messages were submitted

– 800+ paper roses were redeemed


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