Island Shangri-La 23rd Anniversary Facebook Campaign




Island Shangri-La was going to celebrate their 23rd Anniversary and would like to share the joy with audience. However, everyone is tired on lucky draw. How we can arouse our audience attention and engage them? Our challenge is to bring some innovation to the audience and spread the message across differnt channels.


Our solution is base on one direction: Retro mini game. Most of the Island Shangri-La customers must have played Minesweeper when using their computer in the past days. We re-design the game, replacing the bomb with the prize, and name it as “23rd Anniversary Prize Hunt”. Every audience would have two chance to win the daily prize and able to have one more chance when sharing the message to their friends.


Total 12 prizes have been delivered during the campaign and 5,805 unique paticipants are involved in the campaign


• 3,743 fan page new fans

• 1,675 audiences would like to recieve future promotions information

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