HKTDC Chinese New Year Reception Event


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This year, Hong Kong Trade Development Council organized the CNY Event to gather all consuls in different countries together to celebrate Chinese New Year. We are invited to develop the web based photo campaign to enhance interaction of the event. The total guest has been reaching around 150 people.


Given that the traditional photobooth has few limitations, also the queue up and waiting time is the big concerns of client. In order to provide more flexibility, mobility and interaction of the event, we have proposed web based photo campaign by using Surface Pro 3 (SP3) tablets to interact with the guests. The web based photo campaign can reduce the waiting time and provide the flexibility of taking photos anywhere inside the event venue. So, it encourages the guest participation and interaction.


1. Using tablet to interact with the guest

In order to provide the flexibility to take photos and the interaction with guests, we arranged helpers to use the Surface Pro 3 tablets to interact with the guests.

2. Using NFC tag as the identifier

As HKTDC would have the full list of guests on hand before the event, we can prepare the NFC tag with guest name badge together in advance. Guests just need to tag the name badge before playing the web based photo campaign, and we can identify them with those photos taken. After taking photos, they can print all photos at the printing corner by again tagging their name badge.

3. Setup the photo printing kiosk to choose and print the photos

Setting up multiple photo printing kiosks in the venue to serve guests to choose and print photos by tagging their name badge. Through the name badge, it can automatically retrieve what photos they have taken. This is the innovative way to let the guests to keep the memorable moment and get some souvenir from the event.

Key Achievements

  • 180+

    photos printed

  • 200+

    photos taken in the 2 hours event

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