Forever Couple Website Revamp


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Forever Couple is the Hong Kong’s first and only wedding band company that commits to designing and to making your unique bands in a professional manner. This project aims to redesigning the Forever Couple website to be modern and professional. Also, it aims to highlight the unique selling point of Forever Couple and to provide more information on what Forever Couple does.



The previous Forever Couple website was built a few years ago which does not meet the standard of the browsing experience and compatibility. Besides, the pervious user interface is outdated and it lacks up-to-date information of the business.



  1. Restructuring the website

    In order to enhance the usability of the website and to highlight the special features of Forever Couple, clean and professional presentation of content was applied. The photo-oriented approach is used instead of text-oriented approach to encourage visitors’ attention in staying longer in the page.

  2. Sales-driven Approach

    Visitor can find the shop locations, make enquiry and reservation very easily with the shop information sticks in the footer of every page; thus, the call of action message can drive potential customers to knowing more information and; in return, to driving more sales.

  3. Responsive Development

    Due to the popularity of smartphones and tablets, user experience in mobile become significant in the website development. Responsive web design is applied to this website in providing the best user experience for all desktop, smartphone, and tablet users.



Project Management: Angel Chau, Renese Lam/
Creative: Kit Li, Veronica Lui, Jason Wong/
Developer: Sean Ho, Travis Wong, Eky Kwan, Alice Liu/
Programmer: Dick Li, Karen Yu/
Technical Support: Harvey Tang/


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