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Dah Sing Bank (DSB) is one of the local banks providing banking, financial and other related services in Hong Kong. With the increasing us of mobile, a handy mobile app centralizes key services including the mobile banking services and promotions to the customers on the go can uplift the brand image and customer satisfaction.


For a banking mobile application development, the most important consideration areas would be the functionality, user-friendliness and branding.

With the well defined application structure, users can locate the desired information easier in the application by the navigation system. With using the mobile application, most users would like to know the latest promotion and also the closet branch location, this application provides the latest promotion offers, coupons and also the Google Map locator which can help you to locate the nearest branch easily.

Besides, the core banking services has been developed as mobile banking service also in the application, bank customer can perform some account management, transfer, etc. in this mobile application anywhere and anytime.

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