Altira Macau Website Revamp


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Altira Macau is one of the hotels offered by Melco Crown Entertainment Limited, it offers the spectacular panoramic views of the Macau Peninsula with chic clubs and an award-winning day spa.


The previous website of Altira Macau was developed a few years ago which cannot support the uptrend of mobile device browsing. Besides, the navigation and homepage arrangement would be a bit messy as more and more information would like to feature on, which make users difficult to navigate as a result.


With the cooperation with Ogilvy-one, we have helped to re-organize the website structure and redefined the page content flow, which can help to enhance the user experience and smoothness of website browsing.

And the website has been developed in a responsive way, which can help to enhance the user experience for those mobile users when visiting this website. Especially most travelers would be using their mobile to access this kind of hotel website.

Create a tailor-made centralized content management system (CMS) for this website and also some coming websites, so the admin can update the website in a more timely manner.

Amazon AWS has been suggested and applied in this case, with the cloud features, it can best suit the high traffic and even some sudden boost from all over the world


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