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Undoubtedly, most of us are relying on mobile usage in this generation. Through a mobile device, we connect to the online world – searching and browsing, engaging in social interaction, utilizing apps, and even conducting transaction and payment anytime and anywhere. With this distinctive advantage, shifting from desktop to mobile usage becomes the trend in digital world. This evolution brings enterprise with new opportunity and technology capability to connect with customers. Let’s grasp the opportunity, enterprise mobility is rising everywhere!


Our Products


Mobile App Development

Mobile app could be the best solution of interactive gaming or application experience for customers. It allows user stick with it even without internet connection. LemonXL offers you a professional solution to develop creative and effective iOS / Android platform.


Responsive Web

During this multi-screening decade, developing your website with responsive design – fitting into different screen size of different devices, is already a fundamental principle for a professional website design.


New Mobile Technology Solution

When creativity meets technology, everything can be mobile! Connect with customers, e.g. using NFC or iBeacon, sending greeting when they enter the store, prompting customized product information, would largely lift up their shopping experience and brand loyalty. We implement the best and newest mobile technology which could most benefit your business.


Mobile CRM Application

Establishing customer loyalty is one of the key success factors of your business. With mobile CRM, you can offer customers enjoyable shopping experience with: 1. Membership 2. News, Promotions and Coupon 3. Store Locations. 


Figures and Forecast

Hong Kong smartphone users spent time online with PC…

  • 32%


  • Drop 7%
  • 25%


Hong Kong smartphone users spent more time online with Smartphone…

  • 35%


  • Rise 17%
  • 52%


(Reference from Google’s Our Mobile Planet)

Worldwide Mobile & PC Market Share


(Figures and Forecasts by IDC)