Infrastructure & Security

We design Stable and Secure infrastructures

Providing round-the-clock stable and secure webhosting service is key to digital marketing. Have you experienced down time on your web presense? It’s common, yet it severely damages brand image. Have you heard news of information leakage which end up filing lawsuits? Take it seriously and act now!


Our Services

Dedicated Hosting / VPS hosting

Provide dedicated hardware resources and tailor-made software platform for web hosting. Hosting servers are monitored 24×7 to ensure maximum stability.


High Availability (HA) / Disaster Recovery (DR)

With High Availability / Disaster Recovery infrastructure design, service availability can reach 99.99% uptime

Caching Service

High traffic website serving different regions is best accelerated by Caching Service to speed up loading time from overseas. Faster loading time gives visitors a better experience and boost conversions .

Cloud Hosting Service

We have expertise in deploying and managing cloud infrastructures leveraging world-class providers like Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Penetration Test / Code Scanning

With penetration test and code scanning, we ensure infrastructure, OS platform and application coding is compliant with industrial security standard, effectively prevent public-facing websites from being the victim of hackers.